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N0040 N0040 – Cotton Candy – 18” Three Strands

N0040 – Cotton Candy – 18” Three Strands

Spring! It brings local Fairs and their wonderful treats! My all time favorite is the sweet cotton candy, pink and fluffy! But all too soon it’s here and gone and all you can do is dream. Now you can have it all year round with this lovely necklace...


N0049 N0049 - Mint Strawberry Delight – 18”

N0049 - Mint Strawberry Delight – 18”

You’ll think of those wonderful nights snuggling up on the back porch on the porch swing with you beau, under the stars, with the light scents of mint and strawberries being gently carried by evening breezes from the kitchen garden planted just...


N0050 N0050 - African Princess – 18”

N0050 - African Princess – 18”

The Queen may have her regal diamonds, but the Princess cares not as she dons her royal purple spheres that seem to embody all the passion of her youth and the warm yellow opals that are as soft and warm as her lovers caress. 8 mm round African...


N0051 N0051 - Tiger in the Grass - 18"

N0051 - Tiger in the Grass - 18"

Tiger in the Grass- This lovely pendant has touches of natural green running through it. 10.5 gram pendant of sterling silver and Tigereye handing from a necklace made of 8-mm round & 4 x 6-mm roundel Tigereye beads and 10 x 7-mm & 5 x 4-mm Bali...


N0054 N0054 - Desert Dawn - 16"

N0054 - Desert Dawn - 16"

necklace is created from lemony chips of Citrine separated by round cherry red Garnet beads parted by sterling silver Bali spacers. It is finished off with an SS heart shaped lobster claw clasp (3.8 grams of sterling silver).


N0060 N0060 - Wild Basil - 14½ - 18”

N0060 - Wild Basil - 14½ - 18”

Necklace with SS Dolphin shaped lobster claw clasp,(3½” SS extender)made from 6mm round Rose Quartz beads, 6mm round Amethyst beads and handmade SS Bali beads & spacers. (contains 19.9 gr. SS)


N0063 N0063 - Savanna Reflections - 19"

N0063 - Savanna Reflections - 19"

Savanna Reflections- As you gaze into this 16.1-gram pendant of Sterling Silver and Tigereye you can almost see the reflections of the grasses waving in the savanna breezes of the jungle plains. Pendant hangs form a 19" necklace of Tigereye 12 x...


N0080 N0080 - Wild Prairie Rose - 18"

N0080 - Wild Prairie Rose - 18"

On those casual days when you just want to drive with the top down and let the wind blow through your hair this is the perfect accent to your wardrobe. The soft pink glow of the Rose Quartz dotted by the rich green Peridot will warm your spirits....


N0094 N0094 - Duchess of Verde -18"

N0094 - Duchess of Verde -18"

Court is being held and the shades of green have been called to attend their lady. Like most royalty this Duchess can't make up her mind how she wishes her subjects to present themselves. Therefore you decide, wear them twisted (17" length) or...


N0097 N0097 - Blue Pearl Accent 17"

N0097 - Blue Pearl Accent 17"

Young and sassy, these Fresh Water Pearl necklace with baby blue accents will add that just right touch to any outfit. They will go as well with jeans and a tee shirt as they will with a scoop neck blouse and a skirt. Hand strung on Silk thread and...


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